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Imagine roaming beach and wetland riddled-roads to view wild horses of Colonial Spanish Mustang descent. These DNA-documented beauties live in a 7,500-acre area of off-road northern wetlands and beaches.

You can get up close enough for photography to see the horses in this 2-hour guided tour. Learn about the history of Corolla, the northern beaches and the horses while riding comfortably in a 15-passenger, open-air truck.

The tours are family oriented and open to any age. Kids in car seats are Ok! The seaside atmosphere alone is worth the tour as you move through uncomplicated and pristine private areas.

It is important to remember, while the horses are close by and alluring, they are wild animals. They eat a special diet, and feeding them could be harmful to their health.

Spanish ship logs document the presence of horses and that they were pushed overboard to re-float grounded ships. Some of the herd’s ancestors swam to shore, others were left behind when colonies left the area.

Hours vary seasonally. Please call for details.  Departure is on the soundside of N.C. 12 about half-mile north of the Currituck Lighthouse. Corolla Wild Horse Tours also offers guided jeep tours from Corolla Light Town Center.  A variety of discounts are available by visiting seecorollawildhorses.com.