Looking for style in fashion? Look no more! Charlotte’s is a year-round stop for women’s hip clothing in sizes 4-14. The Joseph Ribcoff dresses are to die for ranging in style from fun and casual to a stunning cobalt blue taffeta for evening or cocktail wear. The shop not only has fabulous choices in dresses, they do a great job pairing various designers throughout the shop to create outfits ready to try on.  Match embroidered white and turquoise tops with a variety of capris and slacks.

Textures abound including beautiful crocheted tops and Peace of Cloth navy dress pants with a gorgeous sheen.

Shop for summer shifts, tunics, jackets and skirts. And they even have a rack of jeans – this likely is the only place in Manteo you will find quality blue jeans!  Their sweater rack includes vibrant summery colors as well as neutral earth tones. You also will discover accessories such as scarves, earrings, pendants, watches, bracelets, clutch purses, handbags, sandals and flats. All items are well chosen and high quality allowing for many classy matches.

It would be very easy to walk in and walk out with an entire outfit or even wardrobe.

That’s for the adults. In a petite alcove around the corner from the adult section, discover precious children’s clothing including onesies, bibs, dresses and more that harken to an era of innocence and beauty. You will appreciate the patterns including birds, airplanes and fish fabric transformed into utterly delightful outfits for small fry. This is a grandparent’s shopping haven! 

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