• Saturday, October 19th - Sunday, October 20th

The group which hosts the tournament, Capitol City Four Wheelers, is based out of Virginia and is always looking for new members who love and promote safe 4WD accessible driving. For an October surf fishing tournament that revolves around driving along the incredible beaches of Hatteras Island, the Capitol City Surf Fishing Tournament is certainly one to watch.

The tournament is held during one of the prime seasons for surf fishing on the Outer Banks, and anglers who join in the fun are treated to exceptional fishing conditions throughout Hatteras Island and beyond. The Fessenden Center in Buxton generally serves as the home base for the tournament, and multiple events are scheduled throughout the weekend of fishing to ensure anglers have plenty of fun on and off the sand. An array of prizes are awarded for catches, and the fall weather combined with dwindling crowds creates an ideal environment to enjoy the Outer Banks at its quiet best. Held during a time of year that is renowned for drum runs and fall catches of all sizes, but which also features plenty of local businesses open, the Capitol City Four Wheelers tournament is a great opportunity to discover how amazing the local Hatteras Island beaches can be during the height of fall.