The Outer Banks at its best always is found in the majestic work of Linda Browning. The Frisco watercolorist is known for her idyllic subject matter – swans, pristine dunes, seascapes and other wildlife. She also creates fascinating digital art that begs to be seen.

Linda’s mother-in-law, Dixie Browning is a well known watercolorist and romance novelist. She brings to her art the old time feel of Hatteras Island where her family roots stretch back centuries.

These women are two of the top watercolorists on the Outer Banks.  Imagine old cottages nestled in wetlands with a skiff perched at the edge of the water. Magical woodland scenes lure in the viewers as well as dunescapes with glorious skies.

Linda Browning has designed a form of art where she takes one of her watercolor images, such as a leaping dolphin, and digitally reproduces it thousands of times in different sizes to form a wave. The work is arresting and awe-inspiring.

The Brownings offer original art, giclees, prints, cards, gifts and lessons year round. Call for an appointment. 

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