Back Country Safari Tours is pleased to offer two distinctly different kayak adventures. Both kayak adventures start out with a 12-mile beach exploration in a custom Safari Cruiser before we launch inside the Spanish Mustang Reserve!

4X4 and Kayak Safari
The beginner’s kayak tour navigates protected waters in search of horses and other wildlife, while also focusing on the nuts and bolts of how to kayak. Wildlife abounds on this trip and your adventure will be packed full of the natural history of all things Outer Banks! This trip is designed to not only cater to the novice or beginner kayaker, but also to families with children as well. For this reason, we use roomy 2 person (tandem) recreational kayaks that will provide you with plenty of leg room and stability.

Our signature tour takes the Safari one step further by adding a special kayak tour through the pristine waters and marshes of our coastal reserves in wild horse country! These unique excursions blend off-road thrills with a kayak nature tour in the untouched reaches of the Currituck Sound, and is undoubtedly the best of both worlds. You have not experienced the real Outer Banks, until you have spent time out on the water, navigating the serpentine creeks of marsh labyrinths, watched ospreys plummet into the water for fish, and experienced first hand the all encompassing peace of life on the sounds.

The culture of the Outer Banks has always been about the water and Back Country Safari Tours is pleased to offer our customers a full immersion into this world apart from the civilization you left back home. After an excursion up the beach in our Open Air Safari Cruiser, we take off into the backcountry in search of horses, giant migratory sand dunes, rare species of wildlife and then ultimately to our private Spanish Mustang Preserve.
Here in the preserve we will launch our kayaks and step back in time to another era. This is the true Outer Banks as the natives know it. And this is your opportunity to finally experience it first hand!
Duration: 3 hours

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