• Monday, July 4th 9:00 PM - 9:45 PM

Celebrate your Independence Day with a bang at the Avon Pier and Avon Beach Klub on Hatteras Island. The 4th of July celebration will feature a collection of events which includes corresponding radio shows on the island's local station, Radio Hatteras FM 101.5 and 99.9, and an incredible front row view of the fireworks display from the pristine Cape Hatteras National Seashore beaches.

Visitors will be able to find ample spots to catch the show, thanks to the nice wide shoreline of the Avon Beaches. Virtually any spot along the beach can serve as a great spot to soak up the ocean views and the fireworks display over the Atlantic, and visitors will find parking throughout the town, as well as restaurants and refreshments close to the pier area. The fireworks display is sponsored by the Avon Property Owners Association and funded in part by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, and a number of local businesses and organizations come together to ensure the event is unforgettable. A fun night out that everyone will enjoy, this sprawling celebration of the 4th of July is always a highlight of the summer season on Hatteras Island.