• Sunday, December 17th

Enjoy an uplifting experience at the exact location where aviation was born at the annual Celebration of the Wright Brothers First Flight at the impossible-to-miss Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. This day-long celebration honors the birthplace of flight, with a commemoration that coincides with the precise time that the first successful launch took place, and a wealth of activities throughout the day that will delight aviation fans of all ages.

The ceremony during this historic day includes a presentation of colors, a professional rendition of the National Anthem, and an official welcome to visitors of the Wright Brothers Memorial Park. Educational sessions featuring renowned historians, a keynote address, and an aviation "Fly-by" at the exact moment of the Wrights’ historic flight are all part of the festivities as well, making this celebration a must-see event for any aviation enthusiast. Throughout the day, there will also be educational talks and programs designed for visitors of all ages, which will shed light on the story of the Wright Brothers and their long experiments and extended visit to the Outer Banks. With park fees waived for the day for all visitors, the annual commemoration of the Wright Brothers is a well-loved Outer Banks tradition that will inspire all who attend.