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The Cape Hatteras has a long and storied history. It is the tallest sentinel in America at 210 feet. The spiral-designed black and white beauty served as a Hatteras landmark and warning to mariners at sea for more than a century.

In 1999, the lighthouse was moved as the sea was threatening to undermine it. The lighthouse is now safely away from breaking waves. It is open for climbing from mid-April through Columbus Day.

It is interesting to know that it was built with 1,250,000 bricks baked in kilns along the James River in Virginia and brought in scows into Cape Creek where it was hauled by oxen one mile to the building site in Buxton.

Weighing 6,250 tons, the lighthouse was built with no pilings under it - just a foundation built of heart pine.  

Visitors climb the 268 steps for a spectacular view of the national seashore. Near the lighthouse, the frame buildings that served as quarters to the keepers of the light are still standing. One such building has been restored by the U. S. Park Service and has served as a visitor center and museum. It is open every day of the year except Christmas.  The grounds feature a picnic area and nature trail that wind through Buxton Woods.

The visitor center hosts activities ranging from bird walks and snorkeling in the sound to talks about storms, ecology, geology, wildlife and shipwrecks and pirates.   









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