Zen Pops will enlighten your palette with organic fruit and cream popsicles and pints of  ice cream, offering unique southern and local flavors. With many local, organic and vegan options, Zen Pops are handmade using all natural, fresh ingredients such as seasonal fruits and herbs. These gourmet popsicles will make you melt. Flavors such as key lime pie and chocolate coconut are constantly being cycled through the popsicle shop, with an ever-changing menu of healthy, frozen delights. 

There’s a flavor for everyone, whether you’re looking for fruity, creamy or a combination. Kids and grown ups of all ages will love Zen Pops, especially for a cool treat on a hot summer day. The pops and pints also are available for birthday parties.

The delicious frozen pops are inspired by traditional Mexican fruit popsicles called “Paletas.” The shop owners, a husband and wife, began making paletas in the Outer Banks after discovering them in Durham, N.C. The popsicles were originally sold at farm markets before the Zen Pops storefront opened in Summer 2012.  Now Zen Pops are offered in the Seagate North location as well as in select restaurants and markets in the Outer Banks.

Zen Pops are made in small batches with no preservatives and the vegan pops are made with organic coconut milk. Zen Pops is committed to healthy, green living. The company uses biodegradable packaging and recycles and composts responsibly. You can even leave your popsicle stick to be donated to a local charity and reused in children’s craft projects. 

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