The new owner of Duck’s Tomato Shack, Carlton Winslow, wants to provide the same service his father did decades ago. Locals and earlier visitors to the OBX might recall Howard Winslow’s fresh produce deliveries he made by truck, going door-to-door from Southern Shores to Corolla.

Tomato Shack fresh fruit and vegetable stand, in the heart of Duck, provides some of the same natural produce and products Carlton grew up with and more.

Including organically-grown whenever possible, most of the produce in season comes from local farmers, many Carlton says are friends or friends-of-friends who run small farms in nearby counties. Specialties they produce are burgundy okra, purple potatoes, scuppernong grapes and the popular Rocky Hock cantaloupes.

In addition to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, Tomato Shack carries fresh, local refrigerated items like brown eggs from free-roaming Camden County hens, berries, spring mix, local sausages, Jamesville barbecue and old fashioned hoop cheddar cheese.

Another specialty offered is a variety of old fashioned long-necked soda pops, made with cane sugar, instead of genetically-modified corn syrup found in most soft drinks today. And, particularly tempting is a cupboard of Miss Edna’s jams, jellies, pickles and sauces that are great for either spicing up your visit or to take home as gifts or souvenirs.

The Tomato Shack stand is open Easter through the first week of October (with shorter days/weeks in the fall) and again for a week during the Thanksgiving holidays, when it offers its old-fashioned specialty smoked meats and fresh collards.

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