A peaceful shop that is evocative of an English garden, the Screen Door features all the accoutrements for a beautiful garden and natural touches in the home. There are wonderful pots for plants and flowers, antique cast iron trellises and statuary such as mermaids and small animals.  Dried flowers, ,vine wreaths, Lifetime Candles, wind chimes and wire bird cages are arranged so artfully throughout the store that it’s easy to forget that they are for sale and not part of the décor.

There is also a nice selection of big colorful woven baskets and tin art sculptures, and the natural leaf notebooks are unusual and reasonably priced. New in 2012, the owner plans to stock more fresh flowers and live plants as the business continues to expand. Anyone who likes to garden would appreciate how much of what is offered here could enhance the natural appeal of an outdoor garden, a greenhouse window or even a few plants on a window sill. But make sure you watch out for the "guard bunny" Fern while you shop!