NOTE: The Promenade Watersports will not open for the 2015 season.

Find yourself in the middle of a gorgeous OBX beach day, and want to hit the water for a bit more adventure? Embrace that spirit and head to The Promenade Watersports. The service will help you pick your poison of great water sport activities!

The Promenade Watersports carries a variety of different water sport equipment including a parasail boat, jet skis, pontoon boats, sailboats, kayaks, fishing boats, and more. The water sport supplier is conveniently located on a golf course, so if some would rather golf than water ski they absolutely can. More adventurous types, however, can grab a boat and a parasail and soar tens of feet in the air and enjoy the beautiful ocean views the OBX has to offer!

If the kids want to join on your sporting adventure, rent a pontoon boat and tour the sound. You can throw a line in and crack open a nice soda pop. Enjoy the sea breeze with the whole family in a boat on sea water. You can also explore the sound in a kayak. Find different types of waterfowl in the grasses, or enjoy the sunset! You really can’t go wrong with the action at The Promenade Watersports.