There is shell art. And then there is shell art by Brenda Hall. All it takes to see the real deal is to stick your head in the door of His Shells by Brenda and glance to the left. Behold a breathtaking shell mirror that, in a word, is priceless. Sure, anyone can glue shells onto a box or around a mirror, but it takes a true artist to create what appears here.

Hall offers elegant handcrafted gifts utilizing her fine sense of color and composition. She also handcrafts sea glass jewelry and has a fabulous dress boutique in the shop, which unwinds like a series of secret niches. Around every corner and in each cranny is something nautical and pure Hall.

The atmosphere is beachy yet beautiful. Sit a spell on the porch outside her shop near windows decorated with white coral designs. You might catch sight of the gorgeous longhaired cat that wanders through the town.


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