Surfing on the Outer Banks is a like no other experience, and if you don’t know how to surf, here’s a great place to learn.  The instructors at this surf school are all experienced, expert surfers.  Lessons, which average two hours, can be at private or groups rates, based on whether you want to learn with just your friends and family at a beach of your choice, or if you don’t mind learning  with a group of strangers at a location chosen by the surf school.  Instructors teach students safety and etiquette rules, and show them to how to assess the waves from the beach. Then once they’re out paddling ---- an art in itself --- then they’re shown how to navigate around the breakers and finally, how to catch the wave.  Even if would-be surfers never manage to stand up on the board, just bobbing in the waves and sharing the ocean with dolphins and pelicans makes anyone appreciate the fun of surfing on the Outer Banks. And next trip, you might have more luck. Naturally, the lessons are weather-dependent. All equipment is provided. Farmdog is open 8 to 5 in the winter and 7 to 7 in summer.  They have a convenience store at their shop and a full service espresso bar, fresh juice and smoothie bar using organically grown fruits and veggies.  

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