BuddhaLicious takes patrons on a glorious culinary trip through Asia without having to leave our beautiful Outer Banks. Corolla’s newest restaurant offers dishes from throughout South East Asia, using contemporary techniques with fresh and authentic ingredients.

The plates that BuddhaLicious turns out, burst with flavor from exotic locations such as Thailand, Korea and China. Even the name “BuddhaLicious” evokes that when you arrive– you are going to be served amazing food and the restaurant’s atmosphere will truly transport you. Selections range from reliable favorites such as Chinese Orange Sesame Chicken,Korean Bulgogi Tacos and Lettuce Wraps, to introducing you to new exotic selections, such as Korean BBQ, Vietnamese Chicken Wings and Thai Roasted Butternut Squash Curry.


Adding to your bursting flavor palate is our extensive cocktail, wine and Sake menu. We feature a premium Japanese and domestic Sake selection, including hand crafted cocktails, our signature Saketini or a Sake flight.

Located at the popular Monteray Plaza in the heart of Corolla, BuddhaLicious is only a stone’s throw away from the ocean and right in the nerve center of town.
At BuddhaLicious, you will get a deliciously creative taste of the best Asian cuisine and a unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.