Providing photographers quick, easy, and close access to the excellent waterfowl that winter in the Outer Banks. Many sea birds come to Cape Hatteras each winter to rest and wait for the warming weather before leaving again. Hurry on down and let us be your guides to the Outer Banks waterfowl photography that you will remember and enjoy for a lifetime…well at least until you come down next time.

We welcome all photographers, both amateur and professional, to the Outer Banks along Cape Hatteras. We will take you to the special spots we’ve found to fill your camera with loads of excellent shots of Red Heads, Pintail, Brants, Buffs, Scoters, and all other shore birds that winter here along the Outer Banks and in the Pamlico Sound.

We will provide easy access to our photography blinds located in ideal locations for you to take your prefect photos of these sea birds.

Our trips are five hours to enjoy. We leave the docks around 8 in the morning to get you to the blinds at the ideal time to be ready to take your pictures. We’ll have a great time and will be back at the dock around 2.

We use high quality decoys to help attract the sea birds. We have two style of blinds which each providing their own style of cover to take your pictures from. Check out our website to learn more.

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