No visit to the Outer Banks is complete without a trip to Corolla to see the wild horses. Beach Jeeps offers self-driven and guided tours. Each tour is two hours long and covers 25 miles of beach driving. Experienced guides plot the tour and lead the way. Enjoy being in breezy open top, four-by-four by Jeep Wranglers. 

Owners Bob and Wendy White came to the Outer Banks and were so inspired by the wild horses, they moved here and started up the business. It’s their wish that you make inspiring memories of your own!

Descendants of the original Spanish Mustangs, the Outer Banks Corolla wild horses once roamed a greater distance. They now are protected from paved roads in four-wheel-drive territory at Carova Beach.  The guided tours let you do the driving to witness these magnificent creatures. The Jeeps comfortably seat up to five people.

You also can choose to relax in the comfort of an air-conditioned Suburban with a guide in tow. They guarantee you will see the horses and stop for photographs, or you get your money back. Ask about their money-saving large family tours. 

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