Ann’s Wedding Bells offers twenty years of experience in creating successful Outer Banks weddings through professional consulting, planning and coordinating. Bell offers a variety of packages including the beach, garden, chapel and church wedding.

The Beach wedding is designed to embrace the feel and beauty of the water and coastal atmosphere. From the sand dunes to luxurious beachfront homes, brides and grooms choose where they wish to celebrate their vows. This can include a torch-lit seaside service or even a poolside experience!

The Garden ceremony conjures visions of flowers, romantic gazebos, and champagne beneath tree bowers. Custom wedding arrangements are available in public and private gardens to create a setting for parties of all sizes.

The Chapel wedding is a private, open-air venue with glorious flowers, stained glass and ribbon-lined walkways.

Or you can choose a more traditional Church site for your ceremony. Check out her website and glimpse photographs from the various sites to get a feel for the environments! Call for an appointment. She is available year round.