158 Surf & Skate is the perfect skater haven. Here you will find skateboards, longboards, skate and surf tees, skate shoes, and insanely stylish board-sporter hats. Amateur and professional skaters both will find what they need at 158 Surf & Skate.

The store offers a large selection of skate and long boards. You can choose your favorite deck and then pick your wheels. The decks are decorated with a variety of designs. Although 158 does not sell surfboards, you can rent one by the day or week. Be sure to call the shop in advance to see what they have in stock, especially during summer peak season!

158 Surf & Skate also offers skate and surf lessons. Skate lessons last one or two hours. Surf lessons also are available. You're at the beach, so why not pick up some new rad skills? You can meet 158 instructor Mikey Maustellar at the beach, or have him pick you up at your house. 158 provides all equipment necessary for the lesson, so all you have to do is show up ready to learn!

So whether you want to learn how to skate or surf or you just want to pick up some cool gear, 158 Surf & Skate is the place to go on the beach!